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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

But, do I have to?

Library Study Locations
  I find that when I try to study at home I end up roaming on YouTube, looking for something to eat, or anything else that may help to procrastinate on studying.  There are just too many things at my disposal when I'm at home and I will find any reason, no matter how absurd, to get out of studying.

When I get serious about studying I have to force myself to go to the library.  I'm not completely sure why, but, I am much more able to focus on studying or homework when at the library.
The library is a great place when your looking for a quiet, secluded, and conducive environment for studying.  Here's a quick list of some of best (and some secret) locations, that I have found, to study in:
  • Bean Bags
 Seriously, who wouldn't want to study on something that made their "tush" feel like it was being kissed by a cloud?  Apart from a great place for studying this is also the best location to fall asleep in the library, hands down!
 ***Secret Bean Bag Location:  In the Children's section on the second floor hidden in the back corner there is a bean bag.  This is the perfect location if you are looking for a nice private little slice of study heaven.  Hardly anyone goes back there so your likely to get your seclusion.  

  • Group Study Carrels
The carrels are great for studying in groups of 2 or more.  They provide a wide open space to sprawl out all your study materials and some have white boards that allow you to brainstorm ideas.
***Secret Group Study Carrel:  This secret carrel is located in the basement in a room known as the "Map Room", technically room #17.  The carrel is tucked inside of this room on the far left corner, group study carrel #19.  There are few that realize that the map room is available for student use and even fewer that know the available study carrel in there as well. 

  • "Room 251"
I put quotations around the this location because its technically not a room, not anymore at least.  This is located on the second floor on the immediate right as you cross the bridge.  This is a nice place to study because it is somewhat closed off from the rest of the floor due to the counter, which creates a nice separation from everything.  There is a table that you can hog for yourself and sprawl out all of your homework.  

  •  Bridge Nooks
Also on the second, these little nooks are tucked away close to both of the bridges.  I recommend this location when you have a great deal of reading to get through.  The lighting is perfect because their is one wall that is completely made up of windows which allows a lot of natural sunlight to enter.  I prefer to read under natural sunlight because I find the library lights to harsh and it gives me a headache if I read under them for too long. (maybe its just me?)

  • Quiet Zones
On the second floor you will find that there are many locations that have signs such as the one pictured below.  These are good places for individual study because they are much quieter than the rest of the library.  This is good if you are someone who can't fully concentrate on homework when there is background noise.  


Here's a link that gives great and helpful study strategies for both in and out of class.  Try some of these to help prepare yourself for the upcoming finals that you may be facing.

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